A floating solar plant in US Virgin Islands
10 days
About the client
Ecobarge Sweden AB

Ecobarge Sweden AB produces mobile energy stations (ecobarges) that provide sustainable energy and drinking water to areas lacking adequate energy supply infrastructure and renewable energy solutions.

renewable energy, water treatment, cleantech, civil engineering
Client's Need
Our client needed stunning photorealistic imagery to effectively showcase their innovative floating solar plant project to prospective investors. The whole project included the floating solar plant, energy storage and water treatment barges.
The Solution
We decided that a 3D visualization will be the best option here for a number of reasons:
The technology behind 3D visualization makes it possible to show the to-be floating solar plant from different angles and in a real environment.
A high-quality photorealistic 3D visualization of a future project sets clear expectations from the project and makes sure everyone is on the same page. Thus, it gives the investor a clear picture of what they're getting themselves into before signing a contract.
Helping to spot potential flaws and risks and make changes seamlessly during the process of product development, a photorealistic 3D visualization increases investor satisfaction greatly.
The Process
As the project featured renewable energy engineering, we decided to involve our experts in this industry. After we tuned in to our client's needs, we rolled up our sleeves and got down to work.

First, we studied the technical specifications and did all the necessary research. Before getting down to the 3D visualization, we implemented a couple of engineering solutions that made the 3D visualization of the floating solar plant technically accurate. Here are some of them:
Based on the future solar plant location, we calculated the optimum tilt angle at which the solar panels should be installed for maximizing the energy.
In addition, we calculated the inter-row spacing to avoid potential shading issues.
Using the plant's potential location, we simulated its surroundings in great detail, so that the prospective investor could see how the floating solar plant would look like embedded in the local landscape.
The Result:
We crafted a photorealistic technically accurate 3D visualization of a floating solar plant and its surroundings. We exceeded our customer's expectations with our engineering solutions and high-quality 3D visualization.
We got to say we are totally dazzled by Novovision's technical expertise and attention to detail. We really appreciated that they had gone the extra mile and calculated the tilt angle and inter-row distance of the solar panels, just to illustrate them correctly. They also recreated the plant's future environment so realistically just using the geographical coordinates of the future plant location. Not to mention the stunning 3D visualization. What can we say? When they promise high quality, they really mean it. Good job!
Anders G Boman