Virtual Reality
Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment than you can explore and interact with. This unique immersive technology is revolutionizing the way many industries operate. Often associated only with gaming, it actually has many practical applications in education, entertainment, construction, architecture, manufacturing, medicine, real estate, etc.

Speaking of real estate, VR is a game-changer for the property market. Customers can take a virtual tour around the property and feel like they are virtually there. They can get a clear idea of the size and layout, see the amount of light, the view from the windows and the surroundings.
A great advantage of virtual tours is the ability to show the finished building or space even if it is in the pre-construction phase. With virtual reality your investors and customers don't have to wait for the property to be finished to fully envision it.

We offer you the following types of virtual tours:

A 360° virtual tour allows you to look around and move between special points that show you panoramic views (real or 3D rendered) of the property from different angles. The tour can be embedded on your website or accessed via a link.

Impress your prospective investor or customer with an interactive virtual tour of the property and give them the possibility to freely walk anywhere they want and interact with different objects, e.g. open the doors, switch off the lights or turn on the music. Moreover, within only a couple of clicks your clients can customize the property to their liking by changing the furniture, colours or materials, etc.
While the interactive virtual tour takes a lot of space on your server, we can make an animated video out of it as well so that you could put it on your website or social networks.

Welcome to the future!
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