Industrial Tool
3d Animation

B2B product video for back spot facing, chamfering,
and deburring tools. 3D animation for industrial precision engineered tools, machine tools, industrial equipment. Mechanical engineering product demo videos for sales presentations and trade shows. Instructional videos for customers and staff.
Sweden-based industrial manufacturer supplying precision-engineered tools for back spotfacing, chamfering,
and deburring to world-leading aerospace, military, automotive, and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Demonstrate technical information about their automatic back spotfacing tool in the simplest and most understandable way so that the end-user could see the product and understand how it works, without having to visit the sales office in person.

1 month

Based on the drawings provided by the client, our specialists have created a 3D model and then an informative 3D explainer video that leaves the viewers with a clear understanding of how the tool works.

The tool demo video is now ready to be part of the company's sales presentation, website, moreover, it can be successfully used in trade shows and marketing campaigns. A clear visual presentation of the product and understanding of how it works allows end-users to quickly see the advantages and benefits, as well as make a purchase decision faster.