Mobile App
3D Animated Explainer

3 weeks
About the client
Sense Digital LLC

Sense creates the app allowing the user to assess their character, compatibility with other people, as well as find out more about biorhythms and predict the future along the lines on the hand.

Information technology
Client's Need
The client plans to renovate an advertising campaign to increase sales of their application, which scans the lines on the hand and predicts the future based on the information received.

This advertisement should briefly and at the same time clearly demonstrate the capabilities and benefit of the application for the users, prompting them to download the proposed product. An animated video is an excellent solution for such an advertising campaign, visually demonstrating the application.
The Process
Our goal in creating this video was to demonstrate the client's product and its value to the user in such a way as to maximize the effectiveness of the renovated advertising campaign.

To do this, we proposed new approaches for demonstrating the product, worked out the hand relief in great detail. We believe that the high quality of the promotional video also creates more confidence in the quality of the product for the user.

Our specialists offered the client several options for the video to evaluate their effectiveness in terms of promoting the application. This will allow the client to get the most out of the results of our work and develop their advertising campaign further.
The Result:
We crafted an informative 3d animated video that gives an understanding of the functionality of the application and its value to the user. According to the first data on the results of the updated advertising campaign, the promotion efficiency has increased by about 25-30% compared to the time when the video was not yet developed. The animated video attracts the audience's attention and arouses interest in the product. The advertising campaign is still underway, so the final results are still unknown, but the first indicators are already encouraging.
We have turned to Novovision to create a promotional video using 3D visualization and animation. The team coped with the task brilliantly. The video they made was of excellent quality. It has to highlight that the team consists of high-level professionals, moreover it is comfortable to work with them. During the work, there was a feeling that there are no impossible tasks for these guys. They realized all our wishes and in the process of work were always aimed at the best result. I am happy to with Novovision.
Oleg Tsedrik