Mobile App Technology
3D Animation

Our client developed a mobile palm-reading app underpinned by a unique palm print recognition technology they invented (the Hand Code technology).

IT, mobile app development

3 weeks

Our client decided to give the existing mobile app promo video a face-lift and highlight the Hand Code technology - the app's competitive edge - to make the promo video more convincing and encourage more users to sign up and purchase a monthly subscription. So our task was to create a video segment that demonstrates how the Hand Code technology works using the power of 3D visualization and animation.
As with most app promo videos, it had to be really short, in this case - no longer than 25 seconds.
While demonstrating how a complex invisible technology works may sound impossible, it does not for us. After doing some research, our creative team had a meeting where we bounced around some ideas and came up with the creative concept showcasing the process of palm scanning and palmprint recognition.

Having received positive feedback on the creative concept from the client, our 3D artists got down to work putting a lot of effort into the visualization of palm lines and patterns to make the palm of the hand look realistic.
We enhanced the app promo video by adding a segment with 3D animation showing how the Hand Code technology works and how the app is used, carefully illustrating the palm scanning process and making sure the palm lines and patterns look realistic. Our 3D animated video segment highlighted the innovative palmprint recognition technology, which added value to the app and made the video more convincing and informative, yet keeping it crisp. According to the first data on the results of the updated advertising campaign, monthly subscription purchases have increased by 20%.
We have turned to Novovision to create a promotional video using 3D visualization and animation. The team coped with the task brilliantly. The video they made was of excellent quality. It has to highlight that the team consists of high-level professionals, moreover it is comfortable to work with them. During the work, there was a feeling that there are no impossible tasks for these guys. They realized all our wishes and in the process of work were always aimed at the best result. I am happy to with Novovision.
Oleg Tsedrik