Post-Industrial Office
Interior 3D Visualisation

1 month
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Client's Goal
Convert a former building of a vocational training facility into an office space so they contacted us for professional interior design services and 3d interior visualisation.
Our Solution
We offered a renovation interior design project followed by the future office interior design 3D visualisation.
After getting to know the customer and defining their needs, we measured the future office space and took photos. The building was spacious, with big windows, high ceilings and exposed ducts and pipes — industrial space staples. Our task was to add a more professional look to it.

The client filled out our interior design brief and we made a moodboard to find out their preferences for materials and the style and to explore client's tastes. We agreed on the price range of our work and discussed the space planning, room functionality and furniture layouts.

Since the building served a different purpose before, it was necessary to customize the utility systems for the future office space:
Move electrical outlets and light fixtures in more comfortable for the office layout places.
Relocate and install low current networks (phone lines, alarm system, video surveillance).
Move plumbing and drainage systems (restrooms, kitchen).
Rearrange the ventilation system.
Next, we provided four schematic design options. On one of the ceilings in the kitchen area there was some decorative plasterwork that remained from the Soviet Union times so in one option we suggested leaving it there to add an eclectic note to the kitchen. After the final approval of one of the schematic designs, we started to develop the approved design in greater detail and after it was ready, we made its 3D visualization to present it to our client.
We converted a former industrial building into a functional working space, customized the utility systems, and developed the interior design and 3D visualization.