District Heating & Cooling System 3D Animation

Power and energy engineering, HVAC, hydraulics, electrical engineering, district energy systems. Product demo videos for trade shows, websites, social channels, and sales presentations. Instructional videos for customers and staff.
Sweden-based industrial manufacturer supplying innovative, sustainable, and energy-efficient solutions for the district heating and cooling industry, in particular heat interface units, tap water systems, and district heating and cooling substations.

hydraulics, HVAC, industrial engineering, energy engineering, sustainable energy

6 weeks
It was the first time for our company that we made a 3D animation to promote our technical solutions and for this project it was also the first time that we worked with Novovision. Risky you would say? Well, I was impressed by the quality of their portfolio, especially the highly technical products, and I felt confident since my first contact with them.

For me, it was important to find a communication agency that was also technically skilled in hydraulics. In the beginning, we took some time together to explain our products, which they understood promptly, and their creativity did the rest! So no regret because the end result is simply astonishing, very professional, excellent communication during the project, and good value for money!

Other our projects are ongoing with Novovision!
Josee Thollet
Marketing and Communications Manager at Cetetherm
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